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Business Interruption 营业中断险 and COVID-19

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Business Interruption policies generally respond to physical damage to an insured’s property. If there is no physical damage to the insured's property caused by COVID-19, then no cover would be applied.  商业中断政策通常会针对被保险人财产的物理损坏做出回应。如果没有因COVID-19对被保险人财产造成物理损坏,则将不予承保。

This means the only cover an insured can make a claim on is if there is an extension for “Infectious or contagious diseases”. However, this cover only operates when the infectious disease results in closure or evacuation of an insured premises.

这意味着,如果存在“传染性或传染性疾病”的扩展名,被保险人只能索赔。但是,此盖仅在传染病导致被保险房屋关闭或撤离时才起作用。 We are not aware of any circumstances in which COVID-19 has resulted in closure or evacuation of an insured's premises. Even so, there may be other reasons why the claim may not be covered.



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